Angry Birds 2

One of the popular games in the recent years is Angry Birds 2. Another name for this game is Angry Birds under Pigstruction. This game is a puzzle game that developed by Rovio. The second game was released in March 2015 in Canada first and then the developer released the game worldwide on July 20, 2015. The new sequel of Angry Birds provides new challenges such as boss battles and multi-stage levels which are very entertaining. This sequel also adds more features such as cards, spells, and bird named Silver. This game is fun and interesting. Many people of many ages can play this game.

Angry Birds 2 Plot

The story takes place after the end of the first Angry Birds where Chef Pig is succeeded in stealing the eggs and he puts them in his airship. This event leaves the Reds to gather the rest of them in order to pursue the chef and save the eggs. When they can defeat the chef pig, the next enemy who is the Foreman Pig is now taking over the Chef Pig’s place. His role is to prevent the birds to recover the golden eggs. There are some new changes in Angry Birds 2 from the first one. But the core element of this game is still the same.

How to play this game? It is easy, you just have to launch the birds into the pig’s place by using the slingshot. The game levels are selected based on an over world which remains constant like in the previous game. You can unlock the bird by earning treasure chest throughout the game. This game provides various sections named as rooms for each level. You, as the player, need to defeat some enemies one at a time in order to go to the next level. That’s how you play Angry Birds 2. This game is simple but entertaining.