Anti-mainstream Food For Your Healthy

Banana becomes one of the most chosen fruit for people who want to be healthier. Calories in one banana have been claimed as a healthy portion. Actually, banana’s calories depend on the size of the banana. The bigger size it has, the higher calories you can get, and no doubt the smaller size has lower calories. You can choose the size you want to fulfill your belly.

This kind of fruit has so many advantages, not only from the fruit itself but also from another part of this fruit. For example, from the tree, leaves, or branches, and if you learn more about this fruit, you can consume the skins.

The Hidden Treasure In A Banana

Beside the good calories in one banana, another closest part of banana which is the skin, it gives you any other advantages for your body. Don’t hesitate to eat the skin of bananas, there are several advantages you can get from eating banana skins.

Boosting the mood, banana skins contain serotonin that can help to increase your mood in the day. If you consume banana skins, it can calm your brain down from your busy traffic in the brain. Consuming two banana skins in three days, it can increase your serotonin by 15%.

Consuming banana skins can help you to be better in sleeping. What does it mean? This means banana skin helps you to get sleep faster than usual because it has tryptophan element which stimulates your journey to sleep. You will be easy to sleep in the night.

Banana skin is also helping you to cover your red blood cells. This means, your red blood cells would not be easily wracked into pieces. You can get enough calories in one banana to help your body health, and don’t forget to consume the skin to get more advantages.