Beware of Gadget Addiction

Addiction to smartphones is not merely nonsense. In fact, two students were recently diagnosed with gadget addiction. Now, they are still being watched by a psychiatrist to help cure the addiction problem. Operating gadgets continuously is also one of the things that make the level of physical activity decreased. Of course, the decline in these levels will have an adverse effect on the health of a person, especially the heart.

What Experts Say about This?

Findings in a study on the relationship between gadgets and health mention the risk of hardening of arteries found in children with physical activity less than 68 minutes a day. Coupled with an unhealthy diet, the risk of stroke and heart attacks increase in the future. Lifestyle with less physical activity can also be one of the trigger arrhythmias or heart rhythm disturbances caused by the formation or spreading of electrical impulses. So, indirectly it does have an effect because it makes the risk of other diseases more dominant, such as the emergence of diabetes, hypertension, and this can encourage arrhythmia disease.

In addition, the easiest impact of lack of physical activity is obesity, to obesity. This condition continues or simultaneously will trigger a variety of other deadly diseases such as heart problems. Therefore, our daily activities must be balanced with regular exercise so that our body used to move. It is okay to use gadgets every day as long as it does not linger in front of the gadget so it is not to cause addiction. If you are addicted to gadgets, the body will be lazier to move that eventually even because various kinds of diseases as already mentioned. Therefore, it is important for us to control the use of gadgets, especially in children, because the use of excessive gadgets is also not good for health.