Effect Of Eating Junk Food Continuously

Junk food refers to any food which has no good for our body. It does not supply any proper nutrition except making your stomach full in short time. Junk food contains excessive fat and kinds of sugar which is not good for the body. Although manufacturers give the label of ‘sugar-free’ or ‘less-sugar’, it isn’t necessarily good for health. However, the lifestyle nowadays makes junk food into a common trend. So what will happen to people who consume junk food continuously?

What Junk Foods Do We Eat?

Before discussing the effect, let’s discuss what junk food which has become our daily meals. Chips, French fries any kind of crackers are junk food. It keeps mouth occupied while enjoying other activities such as watching TV. Fast food which has long been people’s favorite is another massive junk food. Instant food, such as instant noodle and canned food no matter how manufacturers try to label it, is also junk food. Realize it or not it has been part of our daily life as our daily consumption.

Negative Effect On Body

If we keep feeding ourselves with such trashy food, we are investing disease in our body. First, junk food will make us craving for more. However, consuming a large amount of junk food does not serve enough energy for the body. We will be easily exhausted.

Then, we will be lack of oxygen which leads to malfunctioning of the brain. The level of fat can trigger cholesterol and cause high blood pressure as well as heart disease. The sugar is also harmful and causes diabetes.

Stop Eating Junk Food

However, we can reduce those possibilities by changing our lifestyle. Here are some actions you can do:

  1. Store more fresh fruit and vegetable in the fridge
  2. Bring your own lunch
  3. Spare time to cook
  4. Keep a food journal and meal plan