How To Prevent Stroke

Stroke is one of the deadly diseases in the world. Mostly, stroke attack old man. But today, stroke begins to attack not only old man but also the youth generation. It happens because of bad lifestyle and several causes such as environmental and pressure. We should know the cause of stroke before preventing it. Stroke is a disease that attacks the brain. The brain doesn’t have enough oxygen supply from the blood. it has several factors that brain lack of oxygen. Firstly, a lot of blood inhibits the artery. Secondly, the blood leaks from the artery. Generally, the brain lack of oxygen then reduces the performance of the brain. Now, I will explain how to prevent it.

Blood Tension

It is the highest cause of stroke. High tension of blood or hypertense is a medical condition when our body has high blood pressure. There are some tips to control blood tension. First is reduce salt consumption. The maximum of consumption is 1 teaspoon. Second is avoiding fat food such as junk food and meat goat. The third is increasing consumption of vegetable, fruit, and fish every day. The last is sport to keep your body.

Weight Body

Weight body is the main factor of hypertension and diabetes. If you keep your body, you are not only preventing stroke but also diabetes. You can reduce the portion of food. The main consideration is the calories that you need with the calories that you consume. It is very important because lack of calories caused limp to your body.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Actually, alcohol can reduce the chance of stroke with right portion. In contrast, the consumption of alcohol too much will trigger hypertension. Then will increase your chance of stroke.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is the source of disease. It not only trigger stroke but diabetes also cancer. Tobacco smoke makes blood condensation that increase clot of blood.