Indonesia Is Known As Beautiful Country

Indonesia is known as one of the countries which have beautiful nature. Bali is very popular in the world. There are so many tourists who come from another country, there is even a funny statement said that Bali is more popular than Indonesia itself. Bali is not the only place you can visit as your trip destination. There are several trip destinations in Indonesia that can be chosen. If you join Sam’s club travel, make sure you go there once in your life.

The place you must visit other than Bali is Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is a fisherman city which located in west Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. This city is also known as a vacation destination just like Bali. Labuan Banjo also has a unique trip package that you cannot find anywhere.

Come To Labuan Bajo Once In Your Life

Labuan Bajo is a city that has a unique harbor. The coastline is actually not too broad, but it provides a very wonderful view of the vast green hill on your eyes. It makes Labuan Bajo become the most beautiful city in Indonesia. Labuan Bajo also has so many abandoned small islands around the place. Join Sam’s club travel, and enjoy the view.

Labuan Bajo is called as the main gathering point for the tourist who wants to continue their trip to Komodo Island, it makes Labuan Bajo cannot be skipped from the touring package to Komodo island. That is so interesting because you can visit two wonderful tourist site at once without having to get a different package.

When you go travel, for example, if you join Sam’s club travel, so you must know how to get to the destination. You can go to Labuan Bajo by plane, and you can also go there by ship. You can use some flying package provides. If you come from the west, so you must transit in Bali first.