Know More About Ductwork At Home

Do you know ductwork? It is kind of a tool which helps the airflow installed in your home. Typically, this tool will help to manage the air circulation for cool and warm one. You might ever see this tool but you did not notice the name. Typically, this duct still can be founded in older houses which need to carry heat for different rooms. Then, this duct also can be founded if there is a heat pump in your home. It works to cool and heat the air.

How Does Ductwork Work?

In general, there are two types of ductwork. For the first, there is a kind of duct which only distribute the warm air comes from the larger place to the cooler air. This kind of duct is usually grounded under the floor of the house. For the second which is the newest one is made of plastic flex. This kind of duct is easier to use and less dangerous. The work is also kind of automatic which will be uninsulated and insulted as well.

How does it work? The main concept of this duct is the cool air will come through this duct which is from the plenum. Then, it will flow to the furnace through the air filter. Then, the air will reach the furnace and will be heated to high temperature. This system is run by electricity which will push the warm air to the heat exchanger.

What Is The Essential Maintenance For Ductwork?

If you installed the ductwork, so make sure that you do the maintenance routinely. You need to clean the furnace ducts periodically. You have to remove the mold which will give a better flow to the duct. Then, don’t forget to clean or remove any accumulated dust and object that will cover the flow of air.