List Of Proper Nutrient For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair will look amazingly lustrous and bright. Shampoo and hair vitamin is not enough to make it stand out. What you prepare on your plate and eat every day determine how healthy your hair is. Certain food supports the nutrition for your hair while some others will only make it worse. Therefore, it is better for you to know what ideal diet for to make shining hair and healthy scalp.

Food That Damages Your Hair

Let’s start with an unhealthy diet that you definitely need to avoid. First of all, food that increases your blood sugar such as white bread should not be on your healthy food list. Food loaded with sugar or made of refined flour produces a hormone that triggers hair loss.

Secondly, alcoholic beverages should not be your best friend. They can interfere with the process of body metabolism which is essential for hair health.

Another unhealthy food for hair is greasy food. This kind of food makes your pores clog and your hair cannot get its nutrition. There are lots unhealthier foods that you may need to avoid.

The Magic Of Cinnamon

Now, let’s discuss what foods are essential for hair. Cinnamon, the sweet spice, can do its magic to your hair. It gives good nutrient to hair follicles. As result, it improves circulation on the scalp which can make hair grow faster and healthier.

The Infinite Benefit Of Almond

Not only good for maintaining weight and overcome heart disease, almond has a bunch of benefit for health. Consuming a cup of almond regularly can prevent you from aging. Vitamin E, the antioxidant properties, in almond can boost hair growth.

The Natural Hair Supplement

Lastly, eating sweet potato, squash, pumpkin, and mango will give fantastic benefit for hair. Those foods are rich in vitamin A which is good for the scalp. Your hair would likely be shiny and moist.