New Features In Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Comparing games between hello neighbor alpha 2 free download and its previous version would not be so much different. The goal of the game remains the same. The player should get into the creepy house and reveal the secret of the locked door in the basement. The neighbor’s house is located just across the street similarly to the previous version.

The Display Of The House

The battlefield will be the neighbor’s house. If we compare this main setting there will be some major notable difference. The house in hello neighbor alpha 2 free download is a bit smaller compared to the house in previous versions. Despite the difference, it still has two floors with a mysterious locked door in the basement. It turns out to be a more playable section in this version.

The intro of the game that leads to the starting point of the game is a bit different. It will start with the player moves to the house which is locked by boards. Then, the player should remove it using crowbars. Once the player moved the luggage inside, he will doze off. The weird starts with players being kicked out and a door locked with something mysterious inside.

The Location Of Items

Some items are placed in different spots in this version. Magnet gun, keycard, and wrench are new tools available in this version. These tools are expected to make the game even more challenging. Compare to the previous version, there are a lot more items that will help players accomplish the mission.

Trivia About The Game

Do you know that you can explore further the basement in a certain mode? Yes, the mode is called Unreal Engine’s ghost that can be used by console commands. By using this you can find out more about the setting without being noticed by a neighbor. So, what are you waiting? Check and download the latest version of hello neighbor alpha 2 free download