Nutrients That Important For Our Body

Our body needs many nutrients that can help the body to be in healthy and stable condition. In fact, our body needs several nutrients which are become essential for our body. Those nutrients become essential because our body cannot create it in enough quantity. Then, what are the nutrients that become the essential nutrients? What is the importance of essential nutrients for our body?

Types Of Essential Nutrients And The Benefits

You have to know that essential nutrient is various. There are six types of essential nutrients for our body. Then, what are those nutrients?

  1. Protein

We can say that every cell in our body needs protein. From that fact, of course, our body needs protein very much. That is why protein becomes the essential part of our body. To get protein, we can eat more eggs, meat, and fish for the source.

  1. Fats

Actually, our body needs fats as it can support many nutrients in our body to work properly. For example, our body needs fats to help in the process of mineral and vitamin absorption. It does important for blood clotting and the movement of our muscle.

  1. Carbs

Carbohydrate is the other essential nutrients for our body. We need it for protecting our self from any disease and the other important function of the brain and nervous system.

  1. Water

Water is very important and crucial component of our body. It is about 62 percent of our body will need water to get a proper system.

  1. Vitamins

Who does not know that vitamin is important for our body? Everyone knows about it. Many types of vitamin come from the different source and mostly vitamin does exist in fruits. So, eat more fruits for more vitamins

  1. Mineral

The mineral is also important for our body. Things that categorized as mineral are zinc, iron, and calcium.

After knowing about those essential nutrients for our health, that would be important if we take more care of our body health. So, get your healthy foods to get your essential nutrients!