Overcoming Acne, Most Common Skin Disease

The face is the most important part of the body in visual displays and is also the first part of the body to be seen when meeting with others. Many people maintain the health and purity of this upper body part for best appearance. Even for the women, not only performed treatment for facial health, but also performed treatment to beautify, whiten, and flex the skin. Many women also do facial makeup, from teenager to adult. The function of beautiful creams is also widely used by many people, but if the cream is not suitable for your skin, it is not good for your skin and can cause skin diseases. One of the facial skin diseases is acne.

Recognize the Cause of Acne

Besides the effects of using beauty products with various chemicals which do not match our skin, there are other causes of acne. Eating foods that contain lots of oil can cause acne, oil content and fat content in foods such as fried foods, fried chicken, and nuts can stimulate the occurrence of acne. Do not consume too much of these foods, limit the portion of oily food consumption. Another cause of acne is a dirty facial skin. Acne can appear from the dirt on the face. Clean your face after going out, to remove stains, dirt, and pollution residues. Religious people of Islam usually doing Wudhu before praying. Wudhu performed at least 5 times a day can clean the face.

Water is important to release all toxins in the body, drink 8 glasses of water per day. The cause of acne that can not be avoided is from heredity, biological factors which are obtained from our parents. And the last cause of acne is a psychological factor, experiencing stress and think of many things or problems can trigger acne.