Simple Guide To Build Minecraft House

If you are new to Minecraft game, you should learn some basics to successfully survive in playing this adventurous game. You decide your own mission for there is no exact goal to accomplish. One of the most important goals is making cool houses to build in Minecraft. To do so you must explore the unlimited world and collect various materials.

Why Do We Need To Build A House?

As we suggest before, every player needs a house in playing Minecraft. First thing first, you will need a house as a shelter. You need a place to keep from threatening mobs, the living creatures in the game. Secondly, you need it to take some rest. After a long journey of exploration, mining, or farming you need a place to rest at night. Lastly, you may also need cool houses to build in Minecraft to keep all kinds of stuff you collect and made.

Kinds Of Cool Houses

Basically, there are some levels for making house such as nomadic, easy, medium, and hard to extreme level. For beginners, you may consider having the following three simple house types.

  • Micro Mansion

It could be the smallest house you can make. However, it can be very useful for you. It requires plenty of materials to build and decorate the interior. The benefit is that you can build it everywhere.


  • Treehouse

It can be very effective building to avoid creepers. The explosion that it creates won’t reach your high shelter. Treehouse can serve you a good point to look your surrounding and find a new spot for making permanent cool houses to build in Minecraft.


  • Water House

This kind of underwater house gives you some extent of security. There will be no monster that can reach you. You can build it in ocean, river, or lake. Be careful not to make it too deep for it will drown you.