Sitting Properly For Reducing Back Pain

Most of the people who spend about 8 hours a day sitting behind the desk would complain of being weary. Sitting the whole day will make the muscles and joints stiff and it will cause back pain. Severe back pain will lead you to serious nervous system problems. Therefore, it is very important for you to know how to sit in proper position.

The Correct Position To Sit In Front Of Computer

There is no precise rule to sit properly in front of the computer. However, managing the back, shoulder, elbow knee to feet will make you feel way more comfortable. You just have to follow this simple guide.

  1. Adjust Your Seat

If you have adjustable seat, put it into the right height by pulling or turning the lever under the seat. Make sure that your feet step on the floor or you can reach the footrest. And most importantly, adjust either your seat or the computer. The screen should not be too high or too low for it will affect the neck and the eyes.

  1. Manage Your Body Position

Then, stuck your thigh to the seat holder and bring the body to rest on the backrest. To avoid your shoulder from feeling stiff, rest the arm on the armchair. After that, adjust your eyesight. The distance should be as much as when you stretch your hands to the front.

  1. Put Keyboard and Mouse Correctly

Next, put your keyboard right in front of the screen. Give space for about 4 to 6 inches between the keyboard and the tip of the table. It will give enough room for your hands to rest while typing. Also, put the mouse in reachable distance.

You should spare some time to raise and move it can help you to feel less weary. You should remember that your body is your only investment.