Sortie En Mer; The Attractive FMV Game

Playing game is the most refreshing and exciting activity. Moreover, there is a lot of type of games which can be played. If you like to squeeze your brain more, so you can try puzzle-kind games. On the other hand, you can also try FMV games which are also the best to play. Have you ever heard about Sortie En Mer? You can try to find Sortie En Mer download and install on your devices. It is simple yet fun games that must be tried.

What Is Sortie En Mer Actually?

What is Sortie En Mer? It is kind of FMV game which will increase your adrenaline up. Basically, it is kind of survival game. You will be on a yacht, then you have to stay alive. On the next time, your yacht will be knocked down and you have to survive on the sea. Without any life-jackets, you have to against some elements to survive. It becomes more dramatic since you have to scroll your mouse to make your character survive as long as possible. There will be swimming skill option, but it only can be used when your character on hypothermia or tired. Just get the Sortie En Mer download now!

The Compatible Device For Sortie En Mer

This dramatic FMV game sounds simple until you play it later. As described before, the Sortie En Mer is kind of simulation game with unexpected experience. However, this game is only compatible with PC. So far you still cannot find it on your mobile device. Despite its compatibility, you still can get Sortie En Mer download link easily through your PC. Just find the recommended one, download it, and install it well. Then, your dramatic adventure will begin on the yacht. Once again, it sounds simple but at the end, you will get its sense.