The First Aid For Burns

No one ever knows what will happen next, especially in some accident. Anytime and anywhere, you may meet the accident. Even at home, the accident might appear. When you are happily cooking for dinner, suddenly your arm touches the stove. As result, you got burned. Then, you have to take the first aid before going to the hospital. For the shortest way, you can call 911. However, you can call this emergency call if the burn already penetrates all the layers of skin, your skin is charred looking with black, brown, or whiter patches, or your genitals part are burned. If there is a small burn, so you can handle it by yourself at first and then going to the hospital for next treatment.

First Thing To Do When Your Arm Burned

Here is the first thing to do, the first aid, when you or someone else get burns which is not too serious at first:

  • Stop burning

The first thing to do when you get burned is stay away from the fire. You have to be stopped to contact with the steam, liquid, and other materials. If your clothes also get burned, so you can tear or cut it around.


  • Remove any constrictive clothes

It will be easier as if you got burned around your arm. If there is another area, so you may take off all the constrictive clothing immediately. In that situation, the burn can swell easily.

There are some different treatments for different degree type. Here is the treatment that can be done based on the degree burns:

  • First Degree Burns

First-degree burns mean when the burn only effects on the top layer of your skin. In that situation, you can compress with running water then cover it with a clean cloth.


  • Second Degree Burns

Instead of compressing with ice, you can use cool water for immersing the burn in 15 minutes. Then, cover it to see the doctor.