Thing New Moms Should Know About Breastfeeding

In order to support the growth and development of the baby, the breastfeeding is one of the best ways that need to be conducted by all mothers in the whole world. However, there are so many breastfeeding mothers to face problems with breastfeeding directly. The problems such as the baby keep biting their mom’s nipple can be solved by the use of nipple shield. Other problems that breastfeeding moms should encounter are premature babies, nipple pain, and nipple confused baby.

Preventing Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding mothers can use this device during the breastfeeding period in order to prevent the problems. However, there are only a few moms that have known more about this device which can help to protect their nipples. So, here we are providing more information about this safety device of breastfeeding.

  • Choose the Right Nipple Shield

The nipple shield that is made of thin and transparent silicon is the best option to use. This product is long lasting and easy to clean up. In addition, silicon material also is also comfortable, either for the babies or the mothers.

  • Not Blocking the Milk

This product should not block the milk way of the baby consumption. Moms should put it the right way so that the device does not block the milk.

  • Do Not Cut

Some mothers tend to cut out the edge of the shield when the product has not been used for a long time. However, moms should not do so, since the shields are made of silicon. Furthermore, the shield edge that is cut out can hurt the baby lips or the mother nipples.

  • Make Sure the Babies can breathe

When moms are breastfeeding, the babies will suck the milk using their tongue which is folded upon their mouth. The nipple shield should protect the nipples not to get bitten by the babies.