Tips to Get Put Love Status on WhatsApp

Nowadays, gadget becomes the most important thing human’s life. Moreover, today’s relationship also seems easier because of the technology. In the past, living in different place was the heaviest thing for a couple. However, nowadays so many couple even lived in different country who still can go well. Communication is the most important one that is why gadget help so many couple to get closer. Then, messenger becomes the most favourite application to get in touch with your partner. There are a lot of features, one of them is love status for WhatsApp.

How to Choose the Best Love Status

If you live in different country with your partner, so it must be not easy one. That is why messenger becomes your savior to your relationship. To keep the communication well, sometimes couple like to put love status for WhatsApp. There are different way to keep their love in virtual way. Here are the best tips to put the best status on your messenger:

  • Take Romantic Quotes

Actually, there are a lot of way to get good phrase for your status. You can try to find the most romantic quotes through search engine. On the other hand, you can also quote the romantic phrase from your favourite novel or film. Then, let your partner knows that your status means to them.


  • Choose the Shortest with Meaningful Words

Since it is a status not a novel that must be written in long pattern, you need a short phrase. You can choose the romantic quotes which is short but meaningful. Moreover, it will not be proportional to put long phrase on status.

You can also put your feeling as your love status for WhatsApp. For instance, you can said “Happy” with love or couple emoticon. It will be a sign that you are happy with her/him.